10 Positive Growth Mindset Affirmations

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Growth in Your Teaching Career Is a Good Thing!

So you’ve graduated and completed your teaching credentials, and you’ve secured a great job as a teacher! Now what?  It is not uncommon for teachers to get stuck once they fall into a schedule and they are teaching actively. A daily routine and demanding schedule quite often result in having little energy to continue education or even falling into a funk at some point. Because of this, it is important to foster a growth mindset so you don’t get stuck. 

Implementing practices that serve as reminders and encouragement to grow, to try new things, and to evolve will work to prevent falling into a slump with your teaching styles. One way to stimulate a growth mindset is with positive affirmations. The more you shift your thoughts, or remind yourself of these things, the easier it is to maintain the mindset.

Teaching with a Growth Mindset

Here are 10 growth affirmations to get you thinking about how your emotions and actions are lead by your thoughts. Give yourself the chance to try these out, or create ones of your own to repeat to yourself.  Focus on these positive words every day for 21-28 days and you may experience a major shift in your experience. Our thoughts influence our emotions, which will directly affect our actions, so it is up to you to choose positive ones over negative. 

  1. I am an enthusiastic and engaged teacher. 
  2. I make a difference in the lives of my students.
  3. I can use technology to connect with my students and their families.
  4. I am capable of letting go of total control.
  5. I value the relationships I am creating in my classroom.
  6. I continue to learn as I go so that I can offer the latest in teaching techniques.
  7. I make learning fun through being passionate about what I am teaching.
  8. I can find positivity in all changes.
  9. I have a strong foundation of friends and colleagues to support me.
  10. I can take risks with new learning techniques because I trust myself and my choices. 

Remember Where You Started and Grow from There

Change is often scary, especially when you have a routine that seems to work. But you and your students can benefit from trying new things and shaking up your everyday process.  Give yourself the wiggle room to try a new project or switch up the way you teach a subject and your students will thank you. Remember that your thoughts are the jumping off point for the learning environment you create, so make sure they are good ones!

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