Helping the Homeless: Making a Difference this Fall

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This is the time of year when we really must take inventory of how abundant our lives are, and of how little the homeless population has. They may be without clothing, warm shoes, socks, or jackets. They may not remember when their last warm meal was or when they didn’t feel hungry. There are several ways that you can help the homeless in your city, without handing them money or feeling unsure about how help is received. Giving back during cooler months can not only help others, but it can help your family learn what a season of giving feels like. An added bonus is that you make room in your closets and kitchen for new items!

Give Back: 10 Items to Give Away This Season

When you are preparing for a season of giving, consider the following items as things that could make a big difference in the lives of a homeless person or family. 

  1. Old jackets, sweaters, or winter wear from last season or years ago will be put to good use instead of hanging in the back of your closet. 
  2. Bulk packets of socks can be divided up and handed out to anyone you come across. Buy a large size and everyone can use them, after all, a little gift goes a long way.
  3. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and toiletries are things that can really make a difference in how someone feels about themselves. Having toilet paper and being able to brush your teeth can make a big difference. 
  4. Beanies or warm hats are items that can really help a homeless person stay warm in cooler months. We lose a good amount of heat through our heads and feet, so a good, warm hat and a pair of socks can retain more heat. 
  5. If you are able to bring a big container of hot chocolate or coffee to an area where you know there will be someone in need, this is a great way to do a small thing that can make a difference. A warm drink on a cool morning or night can make someone’s day.
  6. Lunches that include food that is nutrient rich but that do not require refrigeration are a great item to give out. 
  7. Thermal gear such as long johns or thermal tops are perfect for layers and can give extra warmth to those who have to spend their nights out in the cold.
  8. Toys may seem frivolous, but for a child whose family is on the streets, they can really brighten a day. Small toys that your child no longer plays with can be recycled and given to someone new who will enjoy them.
  9. Blankets or old sleeping bags are  great items to deliver to homeless areas, especially as the nights grow colder. Your old comforter can make a huge impact for someone who doesn’t have anything to keep warm. 
  10. Leftovers from a meal out with friends may go to waste in your fridge, why not give them away instead of bringing them home?

Kindness Goes a Long Way

Whether you buy new or repurpose old items from your home, there are so many ways to give to the homeless. Your kindness will make an impact while your gently used items can make a big difference. Don’t think that an act of kindness on a small scale will not mean something, you may be the person who reinstills hope in someone’s heart. Go through your closets, make space for new things, and give your old clothes, blankets, and children’s items to someone who will appreciate them. 

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