ILT Network is complete!

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What is the ILT Network?

I Love Teachers is a nationwide organization committed to putting Teachers first. We are able to do this within our own network utilizing its various platforms, outlined below.

The organization started in 2019, out of Los Angeles, California and now, as of Fall 2019, we launched with immediate success.  

Our Teacher Benefits platform is a premier, membership-based platform with more than 1.3 million discounts and deals across the United States. It brings Teachers together with local businesses, who wish to show their appreciation and gratitude for what Teachers do, by offering special benefits exclusively to Teachers and support staff.

Our ILT - Report Card. Our current systems of business evaluation and public “grading” is flawed. In contrast to Yelp’s unclear, unchecked, and permanent reviewing process, we now have a superior system that is transparent and professional. It’s a simple process that quantifies the customer service experience. Using a basic step by step approach of asking Teachers a series of questions, then assimilating the results, an overall grade is produced (A-F). This creates a symbiotic relationship between business owners and Teachers. When more Teachers frequent a business, that business has more information to measure and monitor their business. In order to get more teachers to use their business, that business needs to offer something special to get them in the door. Better offers lead to more report cards, which leads to stronger grades, which leads to more value added to all consumers. This heightens the  influence a Teacher has on the economy and a business, putting them first!

Our Teacher’s Lounge is a resource and communication hub, as a source of information, community and support for Teachers and support staff while forming friendships and relationships in all aspects. Teachers no longer have to spend hours searching through Facebook and Instagram‘s thousands of private pages or groups for answers or practical solutions to complex problems. Valuable information is no longer lost due to the lack of centralization commonly found in current social media platforms. 

Our ILT - Teacher Appreciation gift box represents gratitude and appreciation for the Teachers of every community. For only $20 (plus shipping) parents can choose over 8000 combinations from an array of items, to make a personalized gift box, packaged by I Love Teachers, that can be sent directly to the Teacher’s classroom. It is a tangible way of saying thank you that parents, students, and friends can create online and customize for the Teacher of their choice. 


Our ILT Classifieds is a place for schools, parents, businesses to list job opportunities for Teachers, and for Teachers to sell and trade, for the public to offer their salable items directly to local Teachers without having to sift through all of the listings found on other sites. 

Our ILT Bulletin is a monthly periodical that ties together all of our various platforms to create our ILT Network. It contains a group of specially curated articles from staff and guest writers, on topics that Teachers are in need of. The purpose of our Bulletin is to bring to one place what is on the minds of Teachers throughout the nation while also highlighting Teachers, classrooms, and businesses that make our organization what it is.


I Love Teacher is a new concept, based out of Northern Los Angeles, always looking for business, educators, and anyone who is interested in putting our Teachers first.  We hope to continue to grow and curate partnerships with businesses and Teachers and to offer more and more help to those who need it. Teachers truly are the leaders of the next generation, teaching our children to be strong, smart, and creative. 

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