Learning Around The World

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My name is Leslie Clegg and I have been teaching for 4.5 years. I currently teach 4th grade ELA. The inspiration for my classroom theme of "Learning Around The World" is my love for traveling. I have a personal goal to visit 40 countries by the time I'm 40 years old (I'm 27 and have been to 10 so far).

My thoughts for bringing this theme to the classroom is that other cultures and other countries have so much to offer our students! In my class, we discuss how other countries do things differently all the time! From how long students are in school to how the toilets are different some places. The students love it! My most recent trip was to China last summer and my class this year is OBSESSED with Chinese culture and language. I have been to several different Hispanic counties as well and my students are all about learning Spanish and about the different cultures of the many different Spanish speaking countries, especially since they're all so different! When I travel, I like to visit a school in each country, to learn about the country's education policies and practices, and to compare them to what I'm doing in my own classroom. I consider myself a life long learner and I want to instill that into my students as well, through a love for exploring the world!

Every year I do a research project that engages students with a country of their choice. Students research about the country, compare it to ours, and write papers and make posters about it. I've even had a market day where students brought in items from their country, either handmade to represent something from the country, or sometimes students purchase items and have then sent from their chosen country. The students practice trading and selling the items to their classmates and they absolutely love it! By the end of this project , many students want to choose another country to learn about. I believe we have so much to learn from one another, around the world, and this is my small way of trying to bring the world to my classroom.

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