Winter Vacations that Won’t Break the Bank

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Enjoy Your Winter Break For Less

After the holidays, hotel and airfare pricing typically drops, so what better time to book a trip or take a road trip? Even on a budget, there are ways to have an amazing vacation or winter break and make great memories. Whether you stay close to home or travel across the U.S., make the most of your time off by following these budget-vacation tips. 

Vacationing on a Budget

Take stock of what your budget is, and plan accordingly. Focus on quality of time spent and make a plan that involves a balance of adventure and relaxation. You will come back from break feeling refreshed and ready to share your stories with friends, family and colleagues. 

Consider these tips for travel without the big price tag:

  • Visit places that are not necessarily meant for tourists, or that are not “well known” destinations. Consider less known destinations around the US such as Idaho, New Mexico, or Hawaii’s big island. 
  • Seek out destinations that are known for their summer activities, such as San Diego, California or Orlando, Florida. Although the beaches may be too cold for a swimsuit, or you might have to wear a raincoat to visit a theme park, there are plenty of beautiful sights to see and activities to do that do not require summer heat. 
  • Visit places that are fun no matter what the weather, such as Las Vegas, Nevada, where most of the activities are indoors. For family adventures, the Great Wolf Lodge is an option that includes temperature-controlled indoor water parks and hotel accommodations. 
  • Plan a staycation and enjoy the amenities nearby. Visit local hiking spots, or revisit places near you that are normal summer spots. You would be amazed at how things evolve and look different with the change of the seasons. 
  • Travel to visit a friend or family member who you don’t get to see often and save money by staying with them. You may have to sleep on a low-up bed on their floor, but it will be a fun experience making memories with someone who knows their way around the town you are visiting. 

Remember that quality time is not about the amount of money you spend but about the quality of time spent and connection you make. Go somewhere that you can forget about your cell phone and get lost in the moment. Enjoy your winter break!

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