Miss Ellis’ 2nd grade classroom

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My name is Anna Ellis and I am a 2nd grade teacher at Stone Creek Elementary. This is my first year teaching and I love it so much already. This summer I spent most of my days working on this classroom and getting things painted, built, and cleaned up for my kiddos. I chose to do flexible seating with my room. The reason I wanted to do this is because from previous experiences with student teaching and subbing, I saw how hard it was for students to stay still in a seat. I wanted to provide wiggle room and different options for students to sit at that will best fit them. I learned that when they are comfortable then they have more focus on their work, verses if they are bored and uncomfortable in a desk. My students love spitting up all over the room to work in groups. Another one of my goals was to get my kids to love reading. That is why this reading center is probably my favorite spot in my room. I wanted them to want to go over here and pick out a hook. So far it is working! They love that area and now are reading a lot! My classroom was a lot of work but it was worth it to see how much the students want to learn and want to come to school.

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